Tower Gardening-A Know All.

Have you ever wanted to grow fresh produce but worried about the space constraints? The Tower Garden is the best thing that’s happened, a recent trend that allows people to grow their produce vertically. A tower garden grows its produce aeroponically. It is that produce which requires only air and water but no soil. It is precisely explained in the website can grow a variety of plants without worrying about space constraint. A roof, patio or even balcony can be an ideal place for this. A perfect idea for growing organic produce for your whole family. For More Info about the benefits of gardening check the website and you would be amazed to start with tower gardening soon.

Wondering How it works?
The Tower Garden is made of a large plastic column that has net pots placed throughout. A water pump keeps the roots of the plant hydrated. A reservoir filled with fertilizer helps the plants get the nutrients. Just a simple and easy setup kit with regular maintenance is all that is required to ensure healthy produce in your kitchen.

Benefits of Tower Gardening.
“Reap your benefits Faster & Better”- Isn’t it a joy to enjoy your yield much faster than usual? Especially at a lower cost? It is a double offer as you must pay only for the original equipment and the maintenance cost is cheaper than the usual and the benefits faster. There is not much bending, stooping and you can manage your physical work with ease. Weeds won’t bother you much either. Apart from all these, there wouldn’t be a lot of pests to trouble you, as there is no soil.

How Much you have to pay?
It doesn’t cost much; all you have to pay for the start-up is around $500 which enables you to grow around 20 varieties. It can be expanded further. It’s just the beginning that requires you to pay up. It’s a very cost-effective system.

What Can Be grown & How is it going to be?
It’s almost everything that is practically possible in a less place with fewer resources. You can enjoy large crops in no time. The level of taste that’s going to come from this product will probably amaze you that you would continue to do this forever.

Would Children Enjoy it? Is It Safe?
The Tower Garden Plastics are treated with UV Protector which ensures to keep the plastic from breaking down. This means your Tower Garden Produce is very safe for you and your children. Children would be delighted to help in growing these plants and enjoy eating the natural produce right from their garden. Especially children in urban areas who have no idea about farming can do small sized farming.

Now that you know the basics of Tower gardening, you would all be thrilled to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables which you would have probably avoided due to cost and flavors. Tower Gardening saves not only your money but also your grocery shopping time. This would keep you & your family away from various autoimmune diseases, weight gain, cancer and a lot more health issues which arise out of harmful pesticides & fertilizers.

For all of you out there, who thought gardening is never their cup of tea, here is tower gardening for you to relish your home-made produce in a simple & easy way. Happy Tower Gardening. Get Started Soon.

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