Make Your Pregnancy A Cherished Experience With Mindfulness


Getting pregnant, bringing a new life on this earth, all this is a lifetime experience, and a beautiful feeling. With all the happiness, excitement, our body goes through the tremendous change, and mentally also there are various mood swings, anxieties, and stress. The unhealthy and stressful lifestyle we all are living nowadays is not appropriate for pregnancy. Thus, women often end up with various complications. Mindfulness is a drug-free treatment to release all the stress and anxiety which is not good for your kid. By establishing the concept of lucina goddess (goddess of childbirth in ancient Rome), It gives a spiritual awakening, positivity boost and mental peace. At the time of birth for few minutes, the life of the mother and the baby is in the hands of the doctor. While as a patient you cannot do much, but having the basic knowledge about the procedure, would help in bringing down your anxiety levels. To know about the birth process and methods followed please read

As per the researches undertaken in world’s prominent universities, a justified difference is felt, regarding stress levels and curtailing depression experienced by pregnant women. Some of the advantages 0f this life-changing experience include:

1. Helps know your body and inner self better: During pregnancy due to hormonal changes, we tend to get extra sensitive and get perturbed by external factors fast. Mindfulness focuses on developing the concept of mental stability and better control over physical and physiological status.

2. Helps get over with past fears and anxieties: Our mind is designed in such a way that it registers few concerns based on specific incidents in the past. It becomes imperative especially for pregnant ladies to stay fearless, energetic and confident. Through mindfulness, you can get over with this crisis.

3. Helps to build the mental and physical strength to face the labor: Going into the labor is the most fearful part of it all. By working on building physical strength and developing skills like staying balanced, calculative, relaxation, Mindfulness helps in enhancing capabilities to face the painful process of labor maturely. By knowing your body elaborately, you can develop a gentler, calmer way of handling the labor process and managing any complications arising after that.

4. Helps in getting control over your panic situation: We also need to stay calm during the procedure. But sometimes, the feeling of anger and anxiety seeps in. Mindfulness guide you to learn to get control over your anger and restore the sense of calmness and positivity in worse circumstances as well.

5. If you are happy and jolly, so will be your children. Your mental status and body relaxation impacts directly on the physiology of the baby in the womb based upon the hormonal effect which is medically proven. Thus, complications like fetal distress can be avoided.

6. Mindfulness prepares us for the best or worst, whatever is the outcome of the procedure. Sometimes the mother needs to take all the care and precautions, still complexities like miscarriage, death during the delivery process may arise. This can adversely affect the mental state of the mother. Mindfulness helps to build up the confidence and power to face reality and accept rejection and failure positively and powerfully.