How Private is The Incognito Mode?


The short answer to the question, as stated above, is ‘Not at all.’ The incognito mode can only make sure that Google Chrome or any other browser does not retain your browsing history. However, your internet service provider will be able to do so. Hence, your browsing is neither anonymous nor private at any point. So, what is the point of opting for the incognito mode? Staying away from unwanted cookies is one of the primary objectives which are served when people use it. It is best that you get to know more here by browsing online.

Understand the practical implications
The incognito mode on Google Chrome is more like deleting your browsing history manually than anything else. The only people who will not be able to access your search history are those who try to find it on your device. If people set out to obtain this information, then they may get in touch with your internet service provider.

Internet Service Providers are not trustworthy
Your ISP is bound by the laws of your country, and in most cases, they will provide all the information that any government agency seeks from them. If you do not want anyone to find out about your browsing activities, then opting for a virtual private network is the best way to take things forward. Choosing for this course of action will also bring many other benefits to your side of the table.

Websites get to know your activity
The fact is that when you are surfing the internet in the incognito mode, even then the sites, you visit get all the information. A large number of users are not aware of this essential aspect of surfing in the incognito mode. They believe that when they are in the incognito mode, none of their information is shared with anyone. But that is not true by any stretch of the imagination.

Your IP address for identification
If your IP address is known to the website or your internet service provider, then it will never take a lot of effort to identify you. The only way to hide your IP address and keep yourself anonymous is by opting for a VPN. The incognito mode in Google Chrome will never be an efficient way to protect your IP address. All the websites will save your login information too. So, privacy on a common browsing situation is out of the question.

Get rid of all the logs
It is best that you select a virtual private network which uses a ‘no logs’ policy. In such a scenario, no one will ever be able to establish your identity based on your browsing history. The VPN service provider will never be able to retain any information about you. At the same time, your ISP will also not get their hands on any data. So, you remain safe, secure, and anonymous when you are browsing the internet. Private internet access is always the best way to make sure that no one violates your privacy.

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