Going Public- An Analysis of Pros and Cons


Enlisting a company on any stock exchange can make a lot of difference. But it changes the ball game for promoters dramatically. It is not always a smart move and owners must carve out a risk-free strategy if they want to make it work. Before you go ahead with your decision to go public by offering an IPO, you must read all relevant articles on reliable sites like seekingalpha.com. You can also get to know more here by browsing online. You must assess all the advantages as well as demerits of going public and losing control of some shares of your startup.

Honey, money talks
Has expansion of your company become the need of the hour? Is it a prudent idea to invest profits back into the framework? You must ask yourself these questions if you want to assess whether an IPO is the most appropriate solution for you. Patient and accurate assessment of all relevant facts is vital. You should not rush into it just because you want more cash to pay off debts. You must analyze all the benefits that your setup will receive when you go public.

It should not be only about money
You can also consider other ways of raising money. A strategic partnership with experienced investors can also be a smart way to take things forward. You will not only be able to raise money but also get your hands on the valuable suggestions of your strategic investor. Turning your startup into a multimillion-dollar entity can’t be done simply by making more money. You need the optimum combo of ideas, innovation, and experience. Businesspeople who have done it many times can help you achieve the desired growth. So, analyze all your options before taking a decision.

IPO to increase sales
Many young entrepreneurs do not realize that an IPO will not only bring investments but will also put you on the map. It is possible that a large portion of your target customer group does not know about your company. If your IPO turns out to be successful and makes headlines, then you might even increase your sales as well as profits. The news coverage will propel people to find out about the goods or services that you offer. So, you are set to benefit even in this aspect.

IPO to make an exit
If you have had enough of it and you want to cash out, then an IPO can be a smart move. You can make things worthwhile for yourself by selling out and moving on to other ventures. Selling your company may not bring you the amount of money that you desire. But if the IPO is successful, then the valuation of your company will increase exponentially within a day.

Stay free of dilemmas
You must plan out your moves keeping in view your aims and objectives. Do you want more capital to improve infrastructure or other related factors? Is your plan to sell out at a high? There should not be any confusion about the reasons because of which you are doing it.

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